Password Generator

I know there are a lot of password generators out there, so there shouldn’t really be any need for another one. Yet I decided to make my own, mostly because they were all lacking a couple of features I wanted.

Please note that to run this application, you need to have the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 installed.
(You can get the framework for free right here.)

So, what are these wonderous features that I have included, that I didn’t find anywhere else? Well, basically you get the option to have the password copied to the clipboard automatically while the application hides itself, so that your previous application appears for you to paste it in straight away. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it comes in handy when you need to paste several consecutive password.

I run into this scenario quite frequently when setting up a new website running WordPress. Each installation requires 4 different “passwords” (keys, actually), and my generator makes this a snap: Click the Generate button, paste it into the config file, Alt+Tab back to the generator. Rinse and repeat. 🙂

It will also remember your settings the next time you run the application, so if you have a password standard, you won’t have to set it anew every time.

In addition, you have the options you would normally expect from a password generator. Here is a full list of features.

  • choose if the password should contain uppercase letters, eg: ABC
  • choose if the password should contain lowercase letters, eg: abc
  • choose if the password should contain numbers, eg: 123
  • choose if the password should contain special characters, eg:  %&$@
  • choose from a list of possible special characters
  • exclude dubious characters from the password. By dubious, I mean
  • chacarcters that might be mistaken for another, such as:
    l (lowercase L)
    I (uppercase i)
    1 (the number one)
  • choose the length of the password
  • choose to mask it, so it is unreadable for nearby prying eyes
  • choose to copy the password to the clipboard upon generation
  • choose to hide the application after password is copied to the clipboard
  • all options and settings are stored upon exit, and retrived the next time you run the application

Download link: