Find your local and external IP-address (LAN and WAN)

This small application will display your local (LAN) IP-address, either wired (ethernet) or wireless (wifi). If you are connected to both wired and wireless at the same time, it will display both. (You can get the same results by opening a command prompt and running ipconfig.)

If you are connected to the Internet, this application will also display your external (WAN) IP-address. (You can get the same result by visiting


I made this application for my kids, so they can easily find their IP-address and share it with their friends when they are playing online games, either locally or over the Internet. I also made some “Copy IP-address to clipboard”-buttons for their convenience. 🙂

I should point out that this application is intended to be used on a physical computer, with a “normal” configuration – like a typical home computer (both stationary and laptops). If you are running virtual machines (like VMWare or VirtualBox) or have multiple network interfaces, you will probably not get the results you want. This tool was not made for you 🙂 I am using the GetFirstOrDefault approach, so it will not list the IP-adresses of all your network interfaces.

Download link: ShowMyIP