Encrypt and Decrypt any file

I recently created EncDec to quickly scramble the contents of any file, which would make any file just seem like garbage to anyone opening it. Not much security there, so for documents with any degree of confidentiality, it’s totally useless.

That’s why I have now made two corresponding applications: Encrypt.exe and Decrypt.exe

Now, I probably should have made them in such a manner that they would accept a passphrase as a parameter to make it useful for everyone, but since I just made this for myself, I hardcoded in a huge gibberish passphrase. This way, at least, I won’t end up forgetting my initial password. 🙂 But, why? Well, because it’s easier for me. Just call Encrypt.exe <filename> to encrypt the file, and Decrypt.exe <filename> to decrypt it back to the original.

Download links: Encrypt and Decrypt